Rose And Lemon Grass Black Tea Rose And Lemon Grass Black Tea. This floral black tea is an exotic blend of whole leaf black tea infused with fully dried rose petals and lemon grass.

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Lotus Organics

Selectively chosen botanical extracts, cold pressed oils, fresh and pure butters and steam distilled pure essential oils, our products are just what your skin needs to feel loved and pampered.
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Organic Harvest
Organic Harvest is an all-organic brand with an extensive skincare, haircare, body care range and essential oils.
Organic Harvest
New Delhi, India
Tel: +91-9211-238-795
Teacupsfull offers a curated collection of fine teas from select estates of Darjeeling, Sikkim, Assam and Nilgiris.
Gurgaon, India
Tel: 91 9873414857
Commercial goat farming unit where three Indian goat breeds Jamunapari Barbari and Sirohi are reared.
Indore, India
Tel: 91 – 94250 - 46943
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