Floral Ring Pink Aromatic Floral Ring - Gold 22 KT - Party Wear

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There is not a single woman who has had enough of her #footwear especially if it were the high heel sandals. Heels for women have considered being an all-time favourite by all women out there. Be it kitten heels, block heels, suede heels or the high heels for women. Your footwear choice matters a lot because even from far away a person’s footwear tells a lot about their personality and choices.

Earlier heels were donned by the males of the society as a sign of superiority. High heels for women was a concept which initially rose in the 15th Century in Persia. High heel sandals were made with keeping in mind the comfort of men and not women, yes you heard that right. High heels for women were introduced in Persia to provide a better grip on the saddle while riding a horse.
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